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YGBOX car intelligent LCD visor

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Problem solutionMORE+

YGboxIntelligent Car LCD Visor

With special LCD screen

Shield from glare and backlight

Shield from light from the opposite car’s headlight at night

Mature sound service system for agents to resolve worries

YGBOX can change according to different light circumstance to prevent the eyes from the burned direct sunlight so as to ensure driving safety when driving.

Eliminate snow’s white light and overcome snow blindness

Increase the visual clarity in fog and rain Powerful wholesale proxy support policy

YGBOX can avoid the blindness from snow’s white light to improve the comfort and safety during driving.

Filter the reflected light

Eliminate the light difference inside and outside of tunnel

with special LCD screen and photoelectric control system

YGBOX can filter the harmful light in the front of the car, such as dazzle light、stray light、refracted light、reflection light and scattered light to improve the visual comfort and eliminate the fatigue for long-time driving.。

Avoid ultraviolet radiation and protect skin

filter to protect the eyes

Increase the visual clarity in fog and rain

YGBOX can filter out the ultraviolet ray to avoid our eyes and facial skin from the radiation, so as to alleviate driving fatigue and skin aging.

Service Hotline:18912298359


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